Jeremy's is my secret lover.. shh don't tell!

ahh there is nothing like a sale and us who live breathe love fashion.. knows what a big deal a sale is! now think of your favorite Dior dress for only 200$ or a pair of 7 jeans for around 30$ or even some cute silky Ferragamos that would go oh so well with that summer cocktail dress in your closet for only $90.. Picturing it? Well that ladies and gentlemen is Jeremy's!

If you are a SF or Berkeley native and Fashion freak.. this store is your one stop hub for marked down goodies ranging from Vans checkered shoes to Versace blazers.

there is no such thing as too much denim.

...or shoes.

The newly renovated upstairs.. to accomodate even more precious items!

Oh and BTW.. Jeremy's Famous Summer Sale is June 14/15 for Men & June 21/22 for Women.. everything (yes, even bags and shoes..) is about 50% off :]

SF location: 2 South Park, San Francisco, CA

Berkeley location: 2961-2967 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA

(Photos from Yelp.com)



melissa said...

hi, i just found your blog and im happy i did :) you said you wanted to be an art director, and that is my dream as well! i can't wait to read your future entries!

Can't get enough pink said...

Hi! I'm a big dreamer who hopes to make all those things come true one day. I'm a mexican fashion fan, actually almost ending my Textile Design degree in a mexican university. My dream is to get into CSM and become a Fashion Jouralist but I'm so afraid because once I tried to get in, for a bachelor degree, and they rejected my application, one of the sadest says in my life. Maybe one day it will happen...