The Beginning of this All

Fashion Maganista

I don't come from a socialite family, my dads not a 70's rock star, my moms not a fashion model, I don't have any brothers or sisters who are child superstars. I've never been on television and my family is made up of nurses, dentists and engineers.

To set the stage, I'm from a California suburban town in the Bay Area. About 45 minutes from San Francisco and 25 minutes from San Jose. Ive spent all 20 years of my life in this town spending my time 18 years in various Catholic/Christian schools and 2 years in a really lame Community College. So one day I decided to chase my dreams and say f*** it to it all, I drove down to Los Angeles with my loved one and went for the University of the Arts London interview. After reviewing my life, my portfolio and our odd love for travel I was accepted on the spot.

So thats the story of how I am where I am, with a glam.com internship under my belt, a Nordstrom internship in the works.. and London less than 4 months away. This is how (hopefully) the story of an Art Director for a Fashion Magazine begins.

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lkordik said...

You go girl!!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
--E. Roosevelt