the golden ticket: Central Saint Martins

When ever im surfing the Fashion Spot boards I always hear so much commotion and confusion on how to get into Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, which is located in London. Though I am not a fashion major (im a graphic design major, thank you very much.) I had no idea how hard it was to get into this school, the honest truth is actually that I didn't know this school existed till a friend of a friend told me about his school. I applied thinking how wonderful it would be to live in London and soak in as much European culture as possible without really knowing how extensive the alumni is and what amazing opportunities CSM gives.

But pretty much this is how I got in:

For the American students, there is this wonderful lady, Josephine Auerback who is just the most darling person you can come across. I contacted her through email, requesting an interview in Los Angeles. In less than a week she calls and confirms our interview. Now you American students, feel free to take a look at the University of the Arts (USA version) website, which you can find here. (They have interviews certain times of the year.) When I finally did get to L.A. the interview took no longer than 30 minutes, but before I went in Josephine took my portfolio and personal statement and brought it to the interviewer to have a better understanding of who I am and my goals in life.

I came in wanting to go to London College of Communication, but instead the interviewer had different plans, with the info he gathered from my work and personal statement he felt I would flourish at CSM as a Graphic Design Major instead at LCC as a Magazine Publishing Major. So after having the interview I was accepted on the spot. Now, some of you maybe wondering, why did you get to go straight to your major and NOT have to go through Foundation? Well, my resume is quite extensive since I have been working as a graphic designer for quite some time they felt that I had enough work experience and I knew exactly what path I wanted to take.

So, in short if your an American student wanting to get into CSM heres some tips:

  • - make sure you're personal statement IS NOT vague, the more direct you are, the better they understand you and what you want, and what CSM can give.
  • - your portfolio should not just be one thing over and over again, as a creative mind you should be open minded and show range in your work. oh yeah, make sure its neat too. Neatness is a plus.
  • - during your interview don't be afraid to be too ambitious. The Interviewer kept stressing how challenging CSM is, but I kept stressing back how much I have been waiting to be challenged and how no other art school has given me that.
  • - if you want to get in to the major and skip foundation make sure you have an extensive resume to back it up. Work experience and a wide-ranged portfolio is a great way to show that your ready.

In a short blog post thats what I can say about how I got in, to those applying Good Luck! and to those already in, can't wait to see you this Fall!

If you got any specific questions don't be afraid to ask!



Anonymous said...

Congrats !

I hope I'll get in 1 day ...

Ariko said...

I am an Italian fashiond designer and I'm thinking about the MA fashion at CSM, so your post was really useful... I found it while searching for tips about portfolio and interview. One question: do you know if fashion applicants must also supply examples of garments they made (I mean, bring actual garments with the portfolio)?
This is really important for me because if so, I have to start making something NOW!
Thank you so much,

isabelle Utzinger said...

hey, i stumbled over your blog by accident. I was looking for advice concerning an application at central saint martins. I reeeeaaaaally want to study "critisism, communication and curation".... it's rather a theory-based course than fashion or graphic design.
I thought, that maybe you have an idea if it's hard to get into the course? and maybe you have a good tip?
I'm sorry, I know that post is pretty old, but I thought, I'd give it a shot since your description was so straight forward (I can't seem to get some helpful advice anywhere :( )


isabelle from switzerland

Javier Otamendi said...

thank you for posting something usefull. My name is Javier Otamendi,to me this is about more than simply getting into a nice school. It's about living out a dream -a passion. I feel that i have the talent and potential to be absolutly amazeing. I just need some guidance on how to get there. if anyone out there can help instruct me on what I need to do in order to get in id grately apreshiate it

Chandni said...

Hi there!
I am Chandni, a fashion student in London. I came across your blog while researching in how to get into CSM, and I must tell you that your post really helped!
I am about to apply through UCAS this december and really needed helped with my personal statement. I have done it and changed it a couple of times, I just want to make sure it is perfect before applying.
Since you have the experience, would you have a look in my personal statement if possible ?
My e-mail is chandni.camlesh@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for you time.
Much appreciated,

martha said...

not challenged enough..that was a brilliant thing to say !

Andrejuno said...

Im intrigued to know what your thoughts on CSM now that a couple of years have passed since you got accepted.

Im a cam graduate myself, but feeling a little jaded by the whole reputation.

Isabella Diaz said...

do you have an email i can contact your with? i could not find it on your blog. Thank you